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Last Updated 08.18.18

Change of Date!
TLC's annual Blessing of the Animals is this Sunday, August 19th, at a special OUTDOOR 10:00 a.m. service (weather permitting), and Wednesday, August 29th at the 6:15 p.m. service.

A Blessing of Animals, in many  congregations, witnesses to God's and the Church's love, care, and  concern for creation. As we recognize our mutual interdependence with  God's creatures, the Church's witness of stewardship of creation is  strengthened. It is also a service with special appeal to children.The annual


Over 200,000 children in the state of Minnesota live in food insecurity and do not always know if they will receive their next meal. The Sheridan Story’s purpose is to respond to this need by closing the weekend food gap between Friday and Monday, when children are not able to participate in the free or reduced meal programs at school.
TLC’s partnership with The Sheridan Story and Westwood Elementary School is to provide hungry kids with food at our local elementary school. The cost to sponsor a child for the school year is $230.

Volunteers are also needed to help distribute the food. Contact Jo Benson 952-884-9881 or Pastor Arthur

Checks can be made out to TLC (Memo: Westwood Food) or online by clicking the button below.

Health and Wellness
By Pat McMullen, Parish Nurse

In our busy world and lives it is often difficult to even think about our health much less do something positive about it. Here are two easy suggestions for you to try outside as you enjoy the summer weather.

1. Take a walk. One forty minute walk can dramatically lower levels of tension and anxiety. If you’re interested in losing weight or keeping weight off, try brisk walking. In one Colorado study a group of 800 people lost 30 pounds or more and have kept it off for a year through regular walking. Walking is also easy on the joints and whether you do it alone or with a friend, it’s a great way to take a long appreciative look at God’s world around you. It doesn’t matter if you walk slow with a walker or brisk, just get out in nature and walk.

2. Stretch. Not only does it feel good, stretching also keeps your body flexible so it will do what you want when you want. Stretching is also a stress reliever and can help relieve pain due to tight muscles. Yoga is also a practice that teaches various ways to stretch and is availa-ble for all ages and all medical conditions.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, enjoy God’s world!



Welcoming children ages 4 through Grade 6. Rehearsals are Sundays from 10:30-11:00am Sign up through Life at TLC or contact Renee Jefferson for more details.

The Pastor
By TLC's Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ed Treat
Amazon & Xlibris Book Reviews


People are talking!
I am a  pastor and I always wonder if anybody understands what my days are like.  Finally! This books describes my life! Ed Treat writes about the myriad  of activities, people, and interruptions that a local parish pastor  goes through day in and day out. Pastors who feel lonely should read  this book to learn that they’re not alone and lay leaders should read  this book to learn what their pastors go through in their ministries.  Besides that, the plot is griping and the style is comfortable. Great  book. I couldn’t put it down! -Liliana Da Valle

Highly entertaining and well written mystery.  The characters are delightful, interesting and authentic.  Enjoyed it immensely! -Sheila Swancutt

It's been a while since I enjoyed a book so much! Great  "who done it" story line, wrapped in a "Lake Wobegon" setting in  Minnesota. Great insights in Pastor Brian's view of God and beyond. A  belief system I totally relate to. Cheers to the author for  bringing in so many amazing facets of life together in this story. I'm  sure if you're like me, you won't want to put it down once you start  reading it. Hopefully there will be other books in this series sharing  the life and times of "The Pastor". -Norma R. Macdonald-Ockwig

Everyone loved Candy Vinter. Everyone, that is, except her husband and two children who knew her too well. Imagine the surprise of the whole community, her faith community especially, when they learn she is found hung by the neck in her own bedroom closet, victim of an apparent suicide. No one is more surprised than Pastor Brian Matterson of All Saints Lutheran Church in Martin Valley, Minnesota. Shocked by the news, Pastor Brian rushes to help the members of his flock, but is baffled by their unusual reactions to this tragedy. What is going on in the Vinter home, and what really happened to Candy Vinter? Following her death, layers of interesting information about Candy's life and the Vinter family begin to emerge, making Pastor Brian believe there is much more to this story than meets the eye. Pastor Brian must navigate the swirling demands of daily parish ministry, of being a good husband and father, and of dealing with his own challenging emotions as a recovering alcoholic as he tries to minister to this family and make sense of what really happened to Candy Vinter.

CoDependents Anonymous
A fellowship of men and women, whose common purpose is to develop healthy relationships, is now meeting at TLC on Thursdays, 4:30-5:30pm. Meetings are in the Chapel and open to all.

NEW! Starts June 13th
Meets second Wednesday of the month, 7:00pm at TLC starting June 13.
Session 1 – Paradoxes of Prayer
Led by Marilyn Erickson and Deacon Renee Jefferson.

Our TLC ELCA Missionary Sponsorship, Steve & Bethany Friberg

Steven and Bethany and their family have been serving as ELCA missionaries for over 20 years in Ketumbeine, a rural community in Tanzania. Steve is a doctor who works in medical clinics that serve nomadic Maasai people in remote areas. Bethany works with the "Bead Ladies"--Maasai women who have a small business of creating beadwork to provide a means of supporting themselves and their families.

Click here to discover more about TLC's global & local mission partners.

Whether you come to Worship on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, it is a time for families to come together to focus on faith and what God calls us to do. It is also a perfect time to volunteer. Take a moment to think about your talents and interests, or even something new you would like to pursue. With those thoughts in mind, pick up our Offerings and Opportunities
brochure in the narthex and find the perfect fit! If you would like some suggestions,I would be more than happy to talk with
you. Your contribution doesn’t have to be a huge commitment to have a huge impact at TLC. In fact, you might find that it impacts your New Year in ways you never expected!
-Michelle Reber, TLC Church Administrator

All men are invited to attend. Get set for an enjoyable discussion
of the upcoming Sunday Service Bible verses & passages.

Pull out your gym mat and get ready to do a series of movements that will stabilize and strengthen your core.
The exercises are usually done in a specific order, one right after another. The movements have names, like "The 100," Criss-Cross," the "Elephant," and the "Swan."
The moves may look simple, but they take a lot of precision and control. It's not like doing a bunch of crunches; there's a strong emphasis on technique.
You’ll get stronger, more sculpted muscles and gain flexibility. You may also have better posture and a better sense of well-being.
When: TUESDAYS, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Resumes again September 4th
Where: TLC
Please contact instructor, DeAnna Eckerdt
All are welcome!
1st & 3rd TUESDAYS
10:00 a.m. TLC Conference Room
TLC -- Mondays @ 12:30 pm
Deepen your spirituality.  Join with others as we seek through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious  contact with God as we understand Him, praying only for knowledge of His  will for us and the power to carry it out.  
Open to all.  Drumming participation is optional and no drumming experience is required.

Text to: 952-777-8909

We appreciate your gifts.  Here's how you can help.
Your financial gift should be an amount with a dollar sign in front.  
Enter Msg: $100
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To designate your gift to a specific fund, following the dollar amount add a space and the following initials for the appropriate fund: BF = Building Fund, GM= Gifts and Memorials, FF= Foundation Fund, SO= Special Offering
Example: $500 BF Would be five hundred dollars to the Building Fund
(Dollar amount with no designation will go to the General Fund.)
First time users will be asked to complete a one-time registration.
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