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The Pastor
By TLC's Senior Pastor, Rev. Dr. Ed Treat
Amazon & Xlibris Book Reviews

Highly entertaining and well written mystery.  The characters are delightful, interesting and authentic.  Enjoyed it immensely!.

It's been a while since I enjoyed a book so much! Great  "who done it" story line, wrapped in a "Lake Wobegon" setting in  Minnesota. Great insights in Pastor Brian's view of God and beyond. A  belief system I totally relate to. Cheers to the author for  bringing in so many amazing facets of life together in this story. I'm  sure if you're like me, you won't want to put it down once you start  reading it. Hopefully there will be other books in this series sharing  the life and times of "The Pastor".

Everyone loved Candy Vinter. Everyone, that is, except her husband and two children who knew her too well. Imagine the surprise of the whole community, her faith community especially, when they learn she is found hung by the neck in her own bedroom closet, victim of an apparent suicide. No one is more surprised than Pastor Brian Matterson of All Saints Lutheran Church in Martin Valley, Minnesota. Shocked by the news, Pastor Brian rushes to help the members of his flock, but is baffled by their unusual reactions to this tragedy. What is going on in the Vinter home, and what really happened to Candy Vinter? Following her death, layers of interesting information about Candy's life and the Vinter family begin to emerge, making Pastor Brian believe there is much more to this story than meets the eye. Pastor Brian must navigate the swirling demands of daily parish ministry, of being a good husband and father, and of dealing with his own challenging emotions as a recovering alcoholic as he tries to minister to this family and make sense of what really happened to Candy Vinter.

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